Capatana Ionut

19 Sep 2014

Care este capacitatea maxima de HDD admisa?

Parti Istvan Laszlo

12 Oct 2014

Pe site-ul oficial scire: 2. 5" or 3. 5" SATA I/II hard disk interface supported up to 12 Terabytes.... Deci presupun ca 6Tb pe fiecare slot.

Ioana Marius

05 Mar 2015

System Specifications Networking Network protocol: CIFS/SMB, NFS (for Linux/Unix) FTP, http DHCP client PPPoE Network Time Protocol (NTP) Network application: Personal cloud with ownCloud and Polkast support Media server:- DLNA 1.5 media server - UPnP AV server - iTunes server - SqueezeCenter support - Photo album server Web server:- FTP server - phpMyAdmin/MySQL/PHP - RSS client & server Smartphone application: zCloud, zMedia, ownCloud, Dropbox, Polkast, Twonky Beam Network application management: User & group management Package Management for setting up applications One-click-hosting sites download manager Network security: Support httpS and FTPES (FTP over explicit TLS/SSL) Encrypted NSA to NSA remote replication Encrypted NSA to external disk archive backup Data Management Backup support: One-touch copy/sync button for external USB-capable devices backup Backup planner:- Instant/Scheduled backup - N

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