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Do you want to know who Jesus Christ really is? Was he a man, or God, or both? Can you really relate to him and be like him? Knowing who the Bible says Jesus is, what he did for you, and what he wants to do for you now will both delight and encourage you. Read on for more detail or buy the book for a life-changing read. "Who do you say that I am?" Jesus of Nazareth posed this question to his followers nearly two thousand years ago, and it still hangs in the air, demanding an eventual answer from every person who has lived since that time. Indeed, the question of the identity of Jesus Christ is the most important theological issue of all human history, because he claimed to be the human Son of the one true God. ONE GOD & ONE LORD carefully re-examines the biblical evidence in light of modern textual research and a thorough survey of scholarly opinion. It argues that the biblically accurate answer to the question of his identity is provided by Peter, John, Mary, Paul, and other first-century believers who unanimously proclaimed him to be "the Christ, the Son of the living God." Building an impressive and compelling case for the unity of the biblical testimony concerning the true humanity of Jesus, "the last Adam," the book reveals the profound significance of the two aspects of his coming: suffering and glory. They seek a view of Christ that allows for a total appreciation of his steadfast obedience to God in the face of temptation, suffering, and even a humiliating death. Vindicated by his resurrection, he entered into glory and now sits in a position of functional equality with God, analogous to the relationship of Joseph and Pharaoh in the Book of Genesis. ONE GOD & ONE LORD shows how the traditional view of Jesus Christ actually diminishes the magnitude of his heroism on our behalf by attributing to him "intrinsic deity" that essentially eliminates the possibility of either authentic temptation or failure. Because the Gospel of John is often isolated and magnified to establish and fortify "orthodox" Christology, this work explores in depth the unique depiction of Christ in "the Fourth Gospel." It succeeds in placing John's testimony harmoniously and understandably within the margins of the prophetic portrait of the Messiah. This portrait is drawn out in detail in the Hebrew Scriptures and fleshed out in the Synoptic Gospels. Nowhere in this portrait is it clear that Messiah was "God incarnate," "God the Son," or a pre-existent divine visitor. Appealing primarily to scriptural authority and logical reasoning, ONE GOD & ONE LORD also thoroughly examines the historical process by which traditional Christian orthodoxy came to be established. It shows that a combination of misguided Christian piety and pagan speculation is responsible for the intrusion of unbiblical concepts into basic Christian thought and doctrine. ONE GOD & ONE LORD may challenge you, but it profoundly encourages both Christian devotion and a deep appreciation for the integrity of the Word of God. It will greatly reward the careful attention of the critic of Christianity, the new Christian, students of the Bible, pastors, teachers, and scholars..

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Caracteristici generale

Gen Religie
Subgen Ortodoxie Catolicism
Subiect principal Vietile sfintilor Studii teologice
Limba Engleza
Autor II John A Lynn John W Schoenheit Mark H Graeser
An publicare 2011
Tip coperta Cartonata
Format Fizic
ISBN / ISSN 9780983604228


Numar pagini 656
Dimensiune (mm) 220.98 x 281.94
Greutate 1769 g


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