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Renaissance Man: The unstoppable curiosity and invention of the da Vinci geniusFilling notebook after notebook with sketches, inventions, and theories,Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) not only stands as one of the mostexceptional draftsmen of art history, but also as a mastermind and innovatorwho anticipated some of the greatest discoveries of human progress, sometimes centuries before their material realisation.

From the smallest arteries in the human heart to the far-flung constellations of the universe, Leonardo saw nature and science as being unequivocally connected. His points of enquiry and invention spannedphilosophy, anatomy, geology, and mathematics, from the laws of optics, gravitation, heat and light to the building of a flying machine.

In his painting, Leonardo steered art out of the Middle Ages with works such as The Last Supper and the world-famous La Gioconda or Mona Lisa depicting not only physical appearances, but acompelling psychological intrigue and depthwhich continues to draw crowds of mesmerized visitors to masterpieces in Paris, Milan, Washington, London, and Rome.


Caracteristici generale

An aparitie 2015
Autor Frank Zollner
Editura Taschen GmbH
Format 26 21
Gen Arta Arhitectura Design
Limba Engleza
Nr. pagini 96
Subgen Arta
ISBN 9783836502153

Brand:Taschen GmbH

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