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Dodonpachi Resurrection Xbox 360 este un joc pentru copii arcade cu nave spatiale lupte in stil japonez lansat de Rising Star Games in data de 11/4/2011 disponibil exclusiv pentru Xbox360. Pentru mai multe detalii urmariti trailerul de mai sus. Caracteristici Dodonpachi Resurrection Xbox 360: Xbox 360-only Features. Now players can experience Dodonpachi Resurrection the way it was intended for arcades. Challenge the complex scoring system of Arcade mode in full HD resolution with an arcade stick or Xbox 360 controller. An AI that adapts to the player. Dodonpachi Resurrection for Xbox 360 features a remixed mode Arrange B which adjusts itself according to the user&rsquo s play style. With every play-through bullets increase or decrease according to skill. With each clear enemies get harder to kill and more bullets fill the screen on the other hand giving incredible scoring opportunities. The only stop to this progression is the skill of the player him or herself. A Tribute to a Classic. Exclusive to the console release Arrange A is the second remixed mode included with Resurrection which borrows some of the gameplay mechanics of PS2 shooter classic and prequel Daioujou for a massive challenge. Online scoreboards and replays. Dodonpachi Resurrection features online scoreboards and replays to let you compare your scores to friends as well as the best of the best. Online score sharing is a huge step over the PS2 days and conveys the relevance of point-based games much better than any offline console has ever done. Arcade Mode: A faithful port of the arcade classic. Fight through the bullets to put an end to Nexy&rsquo s nefarious plot. Slowdown integral to the dodging experience reproduced for fans of the arcade. Includes a fully-featured Triangle mode for boosting your high score and getting past tough bosses. Arrange A: Tribute To Daioujou. Allows players to use their hyper to slow down bullets and earn lots of points. Featuring an original game system designed by the godfather of Cave games himself Tsuneki Ikeda. Arrange B: Endless Progression. Revamped Game System & Revamped Scoring. Download other player&rsquo s replays to see how the system has adapted to their styles. Included is a Remix Album by Resonator a veteran game music unit from Japan.


Caracteristici generale

Platforma Microsoft Xbox
Compatibilitate device gaming Xbox 360
Tip joc Actiune Shooter
Rating PEGI (varsta recomandata) 12
Numar jucatori Single-Player Multi-Player Co-Op

Brand: Rising Star Games

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