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Six years' of intense research into Shakespeare's grave, monument, and Sonnets dedication, went into producing this ground-breaking work. Readers are taken on a fascinating journey in which they're guided to solve the codes that explain a hitherto completely unsuspected side to the greatest literary mystery ever. In a revelation of detective work, the author thoroughly documents the supporting role of Dr. John Dee, alchemist, mathematician, and leading cryptographer in the Elizabethan court. The codes predict an actual location - the Holy of Holies Altar Stone within the poet's church in Stratford-upon-Avon - where the Bard claims to have left physical evidence that may finally solve the centuries-old controversy surrounding his identity. A bold claim indeed Green knew that the only way to convince the world of such a wild hypothesis would be to conduct a truly audacious heist to secure the needed scientific proof. With the results of a covert radar scan conclusively validating the codes, Green has finally published this epic journey of discovery. In it he challenges the public to make their voices heard by going to ToBeOrNotToBe to cast their votes to open (or not ) the Altar. If the second part of the codes prove as accurate as the first, there's a priceless cultural treasure awaiting our discovery... the Holy Grail of Literature Read the entire story of this incredible journey of intrigue and mystery that will ultimately re-write history.

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Caracteristici generale

Autor Alan William Green (Author)
Data aparitie 2012
Gen Diverse
Limba Engleza
Nr. pagini 544
Subgen Diverse
ISBN / ISSN 9781480077805
Colectie Diverse
Domeniu Diverse
Tip Carte


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